How to Collab with Us

At WarnXng Brand, we’re passionate about giving emerging artists a platform to shine. If you have innovative designs and want to see your art featured on our apparel, we want to collaborate with you! This guide will help you join forces with WarnXng and bring your vision to life.

Step 1: Explore Our Brand

Before collaborating, please get to know our brand’s style, values, and audience. Explore our website and collections to understand our bold, chaotic, and unique design aesthetics. This will help you align your artwork with our brand identity.

Step 2: Prepare Your Portfolio

Show us your best work with a diverse portfolio of your top designs. Ensure it’s in a digital format for easy review. We value a range of styles and concepts.

Step 3: Reach Out to Us

Once your portfolio is ready, email us at with:

  1. A brief intro about yourself.
  2. Link to your portfolio or attached designs.
  3. Any ideas for collaboration with WarnXng Brand.

Step 4: Collaborative Concept

If we’re interested, we’ll contact you to discuss your design concept further. Be ready to:

  • Share details about your proposed collaboration.
  • Answer any questions or suggestions we have.
  • Be open to adjustments to align with our brand’s vision.

Step 5: Contract & Agreement

After finalizing the concept, we’ll draft a contract outlining the terms of our collaboration, including compensation, artwork ownership, and project timeline. Review and understand the contract thoroughly before signing.

Step 6: Artwork Creation

With the contract in place, it’s time to bring your artistic vision to life. Create the designs according to the agreed-upon concept and submit them within the specified timeline. Ensure that the artwork meets our quality and technical requirements.

Step 7: Review & Feedback

Our team will review the submitted artwork and provide feedback. This step may involve revisions and adjustments to ensure that the designs meet our brand standards. Open communication and collaboration are crucial during this phase.

Step 8: Production and Launch

Once the artwork is approved and finalized, we will proceed with production and feature your designs in our digital stores and studios. Be prepared for the exciting moment when your work is made available to our audience!

Step 9: Promotion and Recognition

We actively promote our collaborations with artists through various marketing channels. You will be recognized for your contribution and receive exposure through our brand’s social media, email newsletters, digital studio, and website.

Step 10: Stay Connected

Collaboration doesn’t end with a single project. We value long-term relationships with talented artists. Stay connected with us, and be open to future collaboration opportunities as we continue to showcase fresh and innovative designs.


Collaborating with WarnXng is a great opportunity to showcase your art to a broad audience. We’re excited to work with emerging artists who share our passion.

Follow these steps to start a successful collaboration and create captivating designs together. We look forward to your email and featuring your artwork on our platform.

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